• Our new spindle catalog is here!
    Our new spindle catalog is here!
    Find the right spindle for your application!
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  • Our quick brush change gives your robot a workout.
    Our quick brush change gives your robot a workout.
    The MANNESMANN DEMAG quick change system works reliable, precise and purely mechanical.
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  • Make your robots get a move on
    Make your robots get a move on
    Robotspindles and airmotors from Mannesmann DEMAG get your production up to speed.
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  • Made by hand.<br />Made with passion.<br />MADE IN GERMANY.
    Made by hand.
    Made with passion.
    MD-Grinders: just as handy as a pencil.
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  • Ardent admirers
    Ardent admirers
    Foundries love
    the robust chiselhammers
    from Mannesmann DEMAG.
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  • Air brings <br/>the world to life
    Air brings
    the world to life
    Airmotors- and tools
    from Mannesmann DEMAG bring
    fresh wind into your production
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  • What moves more<br />than air?
    What moves more
    than air?
    Airmotors- and tools from Mannesmann DEMAG improve your production.
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  • Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
    95% of Mannesmann DEMAG airmotors- and tools are produced in Baden-Würrtemberg.
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  • Typically swabian
    Typically swabian
    Mannesmann DEMAG airmotors- and tools are produced for the elite of german car manufacturers.
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Air tools and air motors for professionals from the traditional brand Mannesmann DEMAG

Mannesmann DEMAG stands for a long tradition of compressed air technology from Germany. Our air tools and air motors are based on more than 100 years of knowledge. You will feel it as soon as you have one of the stainless steel robot spindles in your hands. Discover the brand built up with the experience of generations. This is how to mature professional quality that no one can copy easily.

The Mannesmann DEMAG products are almost 100% produced in Baden-Württemberg, the land of tinkers and thinkers. All departments from sales to production are consolidated at our new headquarters in Renningen. What are the advantages of a house of bee lines? Fast flows from inquiry via offer to the tailor made products. The leading manufacturers of the automotive industry already rely on the precision and the high life times of our air tools and motors.

Let yourself be convinced!

Quality pays off

Experienced: Where else can you find air tools and air motors based on more than 100 years of development knowledge?

Economical: The low-maintenance technology from Mannesmann DEMAG saves spare parts and thus advances your other projects.

Inspection guaranteed: MD is certified according to ISO 9001: 2000. Our QA also checks the parts of our suppliers. The final checking is carried out 100% upon request for air tools, air motors and spindles.

Durable: The long service life of our compressed air equipment and robotic spindles keep your production going for a long time.

Quick: MD is a home of bee lines. You get your offer on the fly, a quick customized solution and a direct line to the chief executive.

Transparent: We record the life cycle of each compressed air device for you. So you can plan more accurately and save costs.

Products and services

Made in Germany

Mannesmann DEMAG air tools and air motors are developed for the professional user. The world wide valued German workmanship - here it is still found: every air device hand-crafted and assembled by our skilled workers. All the more you will appreciate the good value for money ratio of the machines. Please note also the variety of our products and services:

Automation & Maschinenbau


Airmotors and spindles

A profit for plant engineering. The air motors, grinding spindles, drilling and brush motors from MD work efficiently and precisely.

By installing sensors for speed monitoring, you are always informed about the condition of the motors in your system. We also manufacture special solutions or individual components such as planetary gear units or motor blocks for your compressed air drives.

Airmotors and more


Robotspindles and deburringtools

Let's hatch it out! The robotspindles, airspindles and airmotors from Mannesmann DEMAG work fast and precise when deburring, milling, grinding, drilling, brushing or polishing.

Likewise, the high-speed spindles cut metal and other materials.

Robotspindles and more



Grinding, milling, engraving, filing

Our robust air tools process metal quickly and precisely thanks to high true running accuracy. With MD, you will find the right tool for each application. Each individual device convinces through real professional features:

  • high true running accuracy
  • long service life
  • low air consumption
  • handle insulation against cold
  • rear air exhaust

Tools for metal working


Chiselhammers, rammers and chisels

MD manufactures ergonomic chisel hammers and rammers both for filigrees as well for monumental tasks. Engrave fine letters in marble with the masonry hammer or smash huge chunks with our power hammers. Our program provides you with suitable sizes and shapes for all applications.

Find out more here

Meisseln & stampfen
Bohren  & schneiden


Drilling machines, tapping tools, ...

Mannesmann DEMAG drills, chamfering and tapping tools are designed to withstand the hard everyday life of professionals: The ergonomic design, the long life time, low air consumption, low noise level. Use it once and you never want to do without again.

Drilling and cutting


Screwdrivers, torque measuring devices, ...

With the professional tools of Mannesmann DEMAG even assembly and measuring torques is a pleasure. We have figured out everything in detail for you:

  • Easy-to-maintain two-piece housing
  • Economical thanks to high performance at low air consumption
  • Versatile thanks to adjustable impact strength
  • Handy through the inside handle air exhaust

Assembly and measuring

Schrauben & Messen


Small cause, great effect - this rule applies especially in automation. Reduce costs for robot parts such as spindles and air motors.

Increase productivity. We show you the set-screws for your success. Call us or send us a message.

Request free consultation


As a manufacturer, we know our airtools and airmotors better than anyone else. This is what you notice at our extensive customer service. Construction and repair work with us door to door.

And we know the vita of each of your machines. That is why our service is so purposeful and fast. There are many DXF and STEP files (3D) as well as PDF documents for free download. Read more about the MD service.

The full service program

Mannesmann DEMAG - quality must mature


The key to the future lies in the past, said the former English historian Arthur Bryant. The roots of the Deutsche Maschinenbau AG (DEMAG) go back to the year 1910. At this time the company FMA Pokorny also began to produce compressors and air tools. In 1959 FMA Pockorny became a part of the DEMAG consolidated companies. In today's MD Drucklufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG the traditional brand Mannesmann DEMAG lives on.

History of MD


Since company Strohm Karl Gänssle GmbH Co. KG took over the business of the air tools and air motors from the Mannesmann-Group in 1983, we are a typical Swabian company: Thorough, reliable and constantly working on new ideas.
Not only the elite of local Stuttgart car companies rely on these virtues. Today MD is a top ranked manufacturer of air tools and air motors far in excess of the automotive industry.

Facts and figures


Groundbreaking innovations have always been part of the Mannesmann DEMAG history. The future lies in the Industry 4.0, an intelligent, networked production. To pave the way for this we supply robot-spindles to system integrators. Mannesmann DEMAG will also turn tomorrows' Smart Factory more efficiently.



The world of Mannesmann DEMAG is as exciting as a novel. This is due to the stories that our customers write with us. Read for yourself:



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